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DIY Laptop Case


We live in the era of technology! I know that some of you just carry your mobile or tablet with you to do your job and your social media must do operations, however on some occasions you really need to carry your laptop at work, school, college or the cafe you love going! Sometimes, laptops do not even fit in your bag or you might just hate the boring, black cases you find in the market. Thus, today’s DIY demonstrates how to make a really easy and fun laptop case. This is not to say that you can not use this idea to make a smaller case for you mobi or your tablet! You can actually use the following steps to dress whatever your favourite gadget is and also protect it from any damage.

I took some felt- the thick one, roughly about 0.5 centimeters thick-in millennial pink, which is still booming in the fashion world, my old shoelaces, some patches and I have assembled a playful and fun laptop case, customised for the size of my laptop. Felt is a great material since you can cut it easily, it does not fray and it is ideal to work on it with just glue, so you do not even have to sew anything! It is really the best solution when feeling a bit lazy!

Check out the DIY Steps!

For this DIY you will need about 15 min time and the following


x pair of scissors

x fabric marker

x hot glue gun


cutting knife


x pins


x Felt, bigger than twice the size of your laptop


cord – I took some shoelaces. You can use any cord you like or you can even make your own cord!

Let’s DIY Do it!

Start by folding your felt in half and place your laptop on it starting from the fold line. You will end up with excess felt on the top and the two sides. Let’s start with the sides. You need to have an allowance of about 4 centimetres (about the size of two fingers-depending on your fingers ;-)) on each of the sides (right and left side). You can start from one side, measuring the 4 centimetres and then arrange the other side accordingly.

Now go to the other side to measure the same distance (4 centimetres), mark a straight line with your ruler and cut the excess with your scissors.

Let’s do the opening now and make the top lid of your case. Measure at least 8 centimetres. Of course, you can always have more if you wish. Mark down the desired length and use your ruler to mark your cutting line.

Cut on the line.

The result at this stage looks like this…

We are almost there now! Prepare your glue gun and as soon as the glue sticks are hot enough to give you a juicy layer of glue on the felt, go for it! You can always use a hand-stitching technique or a sewing machine.

If you are using glue then you should use the clippers at this stage, to press hard on the glued seam you have just created. This way your creation will get stronger!

In case you got patches that get attached by ironing them, place them with pins wherever you want, take a cotton cloth and put it on top and iron the patches. This is a very quick and effective procedure. You can always, of course, sew on your patches as well.

At this point, you need to place your fastening. Measure the middle of your case, draw a vertical line there. This is useful for placing your cutting points to attach your cord as a fastening.

Take your cutting knife and make 2 small cuts with 2 centimetres difference from each other. The size of the cuts should be just enough to pass through your cord.

Place the end of your cord through the 1st cut.

And now go through the other hole.

This is the result…

Place your laptop inside its new home …

Tie around it and off you go!

Ready to go :-)!

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis & Photography Alexandros Makris

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