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Dark Romance DIY Choker from Scrap


There is a rich history behind the Choker! The simple adornment – a slim strip, usually composed of metal or fabric that wraps around the neck, evoking both delicacy and boldness, has recently graced again the necks of thousand women on the planet.

Chokers were worn by men, women, agenders regardless if they are in fashion or not and they are worn as a “beautiful sign of vulnerability and power. For more readings on stories of choker over time, visit WAKEUPCUT Glossary Τerm under choker 🙂

Let’s DIY this choker with textured elements. These textured poppies are made from fabric and they can be used as a central piece or to make many of them and attach them all the way on your neck-string creating a garden. You can also experiment with various colors, shapes, and textures. Most importantly, this creation arises from reused pieces and rags from old clothes that are no longer worn, and the truth is that there is so much of that in our wardrobe, that you can create a whole blooming garden!


Bold Choker DIY with metallic elements and textured cord.


Α necklace reusing name tags!  


For more ideas scroll here and get inspired, xxx

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