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DIY a Cosy Headband!


Hair accessories are a must, and today you will learn how to make a really warm and cozy headband on your own!

For this headband, you can use any warm fabric and preferably an elastic material, in order to softly embrace your head and to have a good fit! It may be a revolver from an old jersey sweatshirt (you know … the one which is fluffy from the inside), an old knit or even a piece of fleece! I preferred a scrap of fleece I had in gray. Gray is neutral and at the same time very practical for accessories. This headband is an excellent idea for a gift to adults or children!

For the measurements, of course, your personal characteristics, style and taste will determine the numbers! Check out my own measurements and accordingly add or remove from the widths and the lengths I give! The final design will be for your head so make it tailor made!

Let’s check out this headband!

For this DIY you will need about 20 minutes and the following:


x Scissors

x Glue gun

x Needle and thread/wool

x Ruler

x Marker/marking soap


x Fleece or other knitwear

x 2 Buttons

Let’s DIY DoIt!

Measure and mark with the soap 11.5 cm for the width of the headband. As for the length of the headband, measure the perimeter of your head and add 10 centimeters for the fastening you will build next. My measurement is about 55 centimeters in total!

Cut a horizontal strip with a width of 11.5 cm and the perimeter of your head plus the 10 cm we’ve said…

This is the first piece of the headband. As we said, it should be 11.5 centimeters wide and about 55 centimeters long – for my head. At the same time, grab the scissors to cut another strip to make the bow. If you like what you see in my photo, cut off the other strip with a width of 12.5 centimeters and a length of about 30 centimeters and a strip 7 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters long for the bow!

Get the strip of 12.50 cm now and fold it so you create the size that you wish your final bow to be like!

Put silicone-glue at the joint point to fix it!

Do the same with the 7-centimeter strip. This should be shorter in length than the 12.5 cm strip as you cut it at 20 centimeters long…

Grab and stick the small lane on the big one

The bow is almost ready. If you strain the center with your fingers you will have this effect!

Put some more silicone-glue in the center of the bow to give it a nice and fluffy shape!

Place a small piece of fleece and wrap up the center!

The bow is ready!

Stick the bow on the ribbon of our initial strip of the 11.5 centimeters!

The result so far looks like this!

It’s time for the fastening. Go to one end of the ribbon and place the button in the in the middle and near the edge!

To sew the button, use another button on the other side so that your fastening is nice and firm!

We are in the final straight! Bring the other end of the ribbon to the button and set where to make the buttonhole!

Make a hole at the point you set. A small cut at first to test the button and then you will do it bigger if needed! It is always best to cut something less and reach the right size slowly!

The back of the headband when you button it up it is this!

Your warm, custom headband is ready :-)! You can wear it in the cold and smile for keeping head and ears warm and safe :-)!!! Enjoy, xxx

Photography Alexandros Makris

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