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DIY a Hat out of your Old Jersey Top!


Double jersey knitwear is ideal for reuse on various ideas. Due to its soft and fury inner texture, it feels friendly to the skin and it warms you up, while it is usually made from cotton and thus it is completely breathable. Furthermore, it is a great material to repurpose and reuse, since it does not fray and it allows you to use it very easily achieving great results with clean detailing.

This is a great idea to reuse old tops and make warm hats for your self an ther precious creatures.

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Let’sDIY doIt!



x fabric chalk

Raw Materials
x old jumper/sweater
x thread

Measure about 4 centimeters from the hemline. This measurement is suitable for a beret style hat and it takes into consideration the seam allowances as well.

Time to cut!

Here is the result!

Measure the perimeter of your head. Then divided it by 2, in order to find out the diameter of the circle you need to draw as a pattern.

Measure your head, divide it by 2 and draw a circle with a diameter 4-6 centimeters less. For my head, for example, I measured 54 centimeters, so I measured a diameter initially of 22 and then I substructed 4 centimeters because of my elasticated hem.

Cut on your outer lines!

Attach everything together

Beret is ready and worn!

Ioanna Kourou Ιωάννα Κούρου fashion editor@ inspired this DIY.

For more visuals and information on the turban, just scroll on my board-link below!

And if you wish to make a DIY no-sew turban then here you go, a step by step presentation is here 🙂 !

Α necklace reusing name tags!  

DIY a beautiful tirban

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Take good care of yourselves and precious others!

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