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DIY Chain Bracelet


To my summer I love to wear many bracelets together. Other yarn, other than ribbons, other beads and all sorts of materials. I have a remnant of a chain, which indeed usually call and bath chain, because it reminds the one used for the caps. Is without gaps and perforations, consists merely of small balls. Having therefore this chain, I thought to invent a way of making use of bracelets in order to complete my collection. Eventually it was even simpler than I imagined!

Have a look on a step by step presentation below:-)


x pair of scissors
x pliers



x wire (0.1 – 0.2 cm diameter)
x chain or any other similar beaded string
x  about 10 cm of shoe lace

Let’s DIY do IT!


Start by cutting the end of the leather diagonally, so that its tip becomes thin and pointy

DSC_2156 DSC_2157

Make a single loop with it


Secure the loop with the wire. This part will become the buttoning

(Take a quick look on the DIY steps below, so that you get an idea of how the bracelet is formed and how it is buttoned 🙂


At the other end after I measure the perimeter of my wrist I make a knot. Leather has the ability to lock when it is binded. If you tie any other string, then it would be useful to make a couple of stitches to secure it


Make sure that your initial knot goes through the loop and then start with the bracelet’s main construction


Lay your chain on your string, secure by bending your wire around and start scrolling the wire along the chain and its base, passing through the gaps


This way, you get to the end and there you secure the wire


Go around a few times, tight it and cut the excess wire


Oh, the chain i had, is actually perfevt for two bracelets 🙂


I wore my old and new bracelets and went to continue with my embroidering. Today I am making a simple patchwork of flowers in one of my tote-bags. Taking just different fabric colors, cutting them in pices and forming my flower’s petals and leafs.

accessories_DIY_thread_beads_gold_wake up cut_poppy anstouli_eleni kokkorou

Photography Eleni Kokkorou

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