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DIY Christmas Festive Bunches <3


Simple, with warm aromas and beautifully embellished! Dried fruits and spices can become the most perfect, inexpensive and common natural materials for your DIY ornaments 🙂 Cinnamon sticks give the warmth of Christmas holiday and they can be tied up in rich bundles that discretely relish festive memories and sweet aromas of a warm wine.

You can find cinnamon sticks where they usually sell spices. Such a road in Athens is Athenas Str. and Euripides Str downtown, and in Thessaloniki are the flowershops at kapani area. Everywhere, however, there are similar neighborhoods with such markets. Bulk quantities of cinnamon are economical to get, and when Christmas holiday will be over, you can try something else in decoration, or just turn them over into an exotic tea.

A good tip is also to put the cinnamon in the refrigerator or where else you have unpleasant odors that you would like to neutralize.

See step by step how to mae them!

For this DIY you will need about 5 minutes and the following:


xpair of scissors


x cinnamon sticks

x ribbons/cords/threads/strings

x decorative features/remnants


Let’s DIY do it!

Photography by Alexandros Makris, Video by amateur me -lol Calliope Poppy Anastouli xxx


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