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DIY pet mat & bed

The perfect chill out place for resting for my favourite creatures of all … the Gatti 🙂

I could not think of a better reuse of an old suitcase!

Any old suitcase becomes a great portable pet-bed if one is needed 🙂

All you really need is a  pillow, preferably with natural filling and a cover sheet.

You could even DIY one by reusing old woolen or cotton items such as jumpers, socks and towels!

x Just cut them into stripes and put them into a pillow case. Stuff it as much as you wish and make it comfortable. Consider also adding a fastening somewhere, something like buttons for example or a zip, so that it can be easily washed.

I find the idea of a no sew DIY mat even better though. Made with just a pair of scissors and your hands. A technique, which gets inspired and shares in creation. Definitely, it is a DIY that requires more time than just reusing a suitcase, or using any bought pillow or mat, but the end result will compensate both the creator and the user!

For the washing up, you can always untie a few knots, take the stuffing out and wash everything separately before knotting everything together again.

You may wish to add also some white vinegar in the wash for extra real freshness.

You can use any soft jersey fabric, fleece and any other soft and fluffy texture, natural and comfortable material for this craft!

What else you need:

x paper to plan your pattern and your size and something for designingthe shape like chalk, pen, pencil
x a good pair of scissors
x the filling/stuffing (woolen, cotton items cut into thin stripes & scraps)
x time, patience and a lot of knots

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