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DIY dress-up your earrings


Have you got any ring-earrings with a pair lost or damaged or just earrings that you have got bored of?

A new month and your old accessories are getting dressed up for winter! You can literally dress them up like new ones! For this transformation, you can use any material you like, which can be treated with glue and it does not fray on the edges! Real or artificial leather,  felt,  pvc, plastic, even scraps from black bin bags will do the job!

Altogether you will need


x a pair of scissors

x marker

x brush (any brush you have handy)



x earrings (the more damaged they are, the greater the satisfaction you will get at the end)

x your dressing-up material

x glue according to your material (i.e. glue for plastic and metal, for leather and so on)

Let’s dress-up these earrings!

Ready for fall, xxx

wakeupcut_earings_poppy anastouli_diy_leather


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