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DIY easter candles


Resurrection is coming soon soon! Here in Greece on Easter Sunday the ritual is to go to the chursh at midnight. We are holding our candles, we sing and we wait for the holly fire to come and light our candles. Then we usually walk back home, so that the holly light comes within our doors and lights our homes and souls…

I always make love making Easter candles for gifts to my god-daughter and special friends! I searched among the things I have in my notebook and my COLLECT4LIST notes … I took my stapler and I started to make a colorful flowery candle 🙂

Watch how to DIY do it step by step:-)


x pair of scissors
x stapler & staple gun



x candle
x straws
x colourful plastic bags / ribbons / fabric scrups

Let’s do it!

Cut a strip of your material about 5 cm wide and 30 cm long. I am using a piece of a plastic bag that someone gifted me a long time ago. Plastic materials have volume when they are strained and folded. Crafted flowers form plastic look fresh and bulky. If you use fabrics, then just maybe fold you material by making more pleats and folds, in order to achieve the same volume. Grab the edge of your material and begin the pleating. Get the stapler and “lock” your pleats.

Staple them on the straw!

Keep folding and pleating and your flowers will be ready in no seconds:-)

Here you go!

Take your flowers and place them on your candle, evaluating where you want them to be fixed!

Get a strip of your material, or any other ribbon or rubber band or even of string and start embracing the straws and the candles all together!

Use the staple gun to secure the end of the ribbon at the back of the candle. Alternatively use a glue gun or even a pin!

Continue until you use all of your material and then at the end secure on the same way you started!

Your easter candle is ready!

Wishing this resurrection to be at all extends and dimentions! For all the people and especially for the ones that suffer the most <3 ! Love, peace and positive intentions!

Photography Konstantinos Kourtidis

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