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Α DIY for Blooming!


The Flower! “A Flower or bloom or blossom is the reproductive organ of the angiosperm or flowering plants. As a rule, it is the most beautiful, the most fanciful and the most aromatic part of the plant. Flowers appear in a variety of shapes and sizes. ..and have great aesthetic value for man … “

Since flowers are as old as human beings, there are countless stories we can read, pictures and images we can look at and inspiration trails to look for! Imagine that in the Victorian era there was even a flower-pot (flower readings), which was something that people often asked, in order to “read” their future. To decode the messages that gave the flowers they used their aroma, their shape, and the combinations that formed on the plant. They estimated that each flower means something particular. They were passing silent messages around them, according to which flower they chose to wear on their accessories, their hat or their nuptials.

Flowers always express and create emotions without words … That moment of offering or receiving flowers is always a magical one! Here, to say, I have entered a Magic Garden! It is the wonderful, alive, authentic Mystical Garden of Salonica that if you find yourself there – even if you are not getting any flowers, you should definitely visit  and enchant!

Except the fresh, blooming ones …there are other flowers … more handmade! Take coffee filters, napkins, bags, cardboards, fabrics, get rags, old scarves, clothes, visit your COLLECT4LIST and find out what else you could use to make original and unique ornaments with your hands! See compositions with petals and colorful fringes for you or for gifts, in an easy, simple and inexpensive implementation! 🙂

Let’s DIYDoIT!

x scissors
x needle and thread

x fabric scraps

Photography Alexandros Makris

Δες πως να φτιάξεις κρόσσια από ύφασμα εδώ και δες πως να φτιάξεις υπέροχα πλαίσια αν θέλεις να κρεμάσεις τις δημιουργίες σου εδώ 🙂



Έτοιμος για το πικνίκ;

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