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DIY Hair Band for your Salty Hair!


With a hair from your hair, Ι will stitch my eyes, and to God,

I swear I could still see the skies!

Hair ribbons are probably more useful in the summer! When the wind blows your salted hair on the beach and your hair starts spreading like ragged tentacles! It is then that you put the ribbon on and you release your face under the sun, relaxing carefree of hair and distractions!

It’s also a good idea for when you are taking off your makeup or you spread rose water and creams on your face, or when you just wish to add a bohemian or a more innocent touch to your favourite outfit!

You may find it hard to believe but with just any ribbon and an elaborated knot, you can create a beautiful accessory for your hair! The same technique can be also used to make a wonderful, minimalistic belt!

Visit your inventory list (COLLECT4LIST, THINK4REUSE), find those forgotten treasures and start your recycling of materials! It worth’s it!

Let’s DIY Do It!

x a pair of scissors

x a ribbon or some cord. The ribbon could a knit or woven, multicoloured or single. The only restriction is to be relatively wide so that it embraces your hair well! 

Cut 4 cords approximately 1.20 – 1.50 m each and watch step by step how to tie them into a hairband!

Take the 2 of them and form a loop by just placing one on top of the other!

Then take the other 2 cords you have and place them above and below the loop you formed as you see below.

Pay attention and carefully copy the moves you see below step by step!

It plays an important part that you put the cords over and under the other parts! Take it step by step and trust me, it will come out as it should 🙂

Great! The bigger part of the work is done. Now just pull the 2 and 2 cords that have ended up on the 2 sides.  Pull gently and steadily until you bring them where you want them and your knot is closed!

At first, it may seem to you that you are not having success but keep pulling and at the end, you will have this result 🙂 xxx

Enjoy your new hairband or belt!!!

Photography  Giorgos Anastoulis &  Alexandros Makris

Enjoy and hope to see you again soon here, xxx

Make your own cord!


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