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DIY Spring Ideas with . . . ZipTies!


“Sweet April Showers to Spring May Flowers” Thomas Tusser (1524 – 1580)

According to what the English poet and farmer Thomas Tusser wrote, after such a rainy and wet April, then surely we are going to get lost in aromas, colours and textures!

This morning I have welcomed May home wishing for a sweet month and for every day something to blossom <3!

To make my deco and attach my crafted treasures, I have used my favorite mean .  . . zipties!

Zipties are a magical thing! The may be unfortunately made from nylon, but they are a mean, which is extremely flexible, reliable and durable over time. The zipties are usually to fasten items together. They come in various lengths and thus can be used to tie from very small to really big items. Of course, you can actually select the width of your zip tie, and then create any width you desire. Zipties can function as a building up tape. Their head starts with a socket, and then their tale ends loose.  In the socket end they have teeth that engage with a pawl in the head to form a ratchet, so that as the free end of the tape section is pulled the cable tie tightens and in most cases it does not come undone. Thus, besides the length, they can actually form any desired shape!

On my door and welcome May Home 🙂

What you need

x scissors or cutters

x zipties
xεμπριμέ υφάσματα – από παλιά ρούχα, μαντήλια κ.λπ

Let’s DIYDoit!





















Frames with corners or curved ones get easily ready! Then, it is your call, to mindfully select how to dress the up to welcome May! Good Luck! Have a sweet one <3!

For you and for gifting to friends!

Photography Alexandros Makris

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