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DIY Tote Bag Handsewn


You know those plastic covers that you can buy by the meter if you wish to protect a table, a desk and any surface really. I discovered left overs from table cover I used to have. Its colourful pattern of flowers caught my attention and thought that it could be transformed into a nice big, fashionable tote bag. This material is so easy to cut, sew, even staple and style in any way you wish. The tools and trimmings you may need vary according to what you wish to make and how you wish it to be assembled.

Below you can watch a step by step presentation of how to do it your self 🙂

You will need about an hour, in order to make the handsewn tote bag and the following: 

x scissors
x ruler or tape measure
x needle or stapler
x paper tape
spray glue

x plastic wrap / plastic canvas
thread or waxed thread 
ribbon for bag handles

Let’s DIYDoit!

Prepare the size you wish to have for your bag and calculate your rectangle

Cut the 2 sides of your bag, the top left and right, about 8 cm smaller (8 cm = almost like a closed palm) 

You end up here. The 2 sides of the bag are cut smaller. It’s as if you have two small ears from right and left

Take the spray glue to fix these longer ears you just made

Apply the spray glue on the sides you just made (on the ears) and fold them by sticking / closing  both sides of your bag

Cut off tanything that sticks out at the bottom or the top of your bag

Apply now the paper tape along the 2 sides

Prepare your needle and your thread at this point.  The waxed cotton thread, is a cotton yarn, which is waxed on the outside. Waxed thread is a good solution for rugged constructions. You can use a lighter at the places where you cut or where you knot. This way with the heat, the wax melts on the thread and  it “locks” your creation 🙂

Place your marks on the tape. Here the marks are placed every 2 inches

Start now with the feast! See step by step how to hand loop your thread and make a fancy stitch!











Prepare now the straps that will become the handles of your handbag. If they are synthetic like mine you can burn them with a lighter, so they do not get dany rough frindges and you get a nice finishing line instead

Ready. Make the pair of handles you need- first decide \ test how long you want them

Position your handles on the right place

Attach the handles as you please, either with buttons, or with a simple sewing or even with a stapler if you are carrying light things!

Photography Eleni Kokkorou

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