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DIY Tricks for Treats


I don’t  know if you like eating scallops or seashells in general, but their shells are definitely a great, personalised solution for your treats … At home, your cottage, the office, even on the beach, on the sand in a summer picnic, shells are just perfect for serving sweet or sour delicacies!

x TIP1 Soak them in water and vinegar for about a 24-hours, then remove with a spoon / knife the fish remains.

x TIP2 When they are dry  take a bit of  oil (even olive oil) and just rub the shell inside out. Take then a soft cloth and remove the excess oil excess oil!

At, you know that we get happy making everythingalmost out of everything, while we are inspired by all the R’s of recycling # re-think #reuse #repair #recycle # reduce # refuse – which lead to a sustainable behavior for everyone on our planet! THINK4REUSE, COLLECT4LIST and let’s think out of the box!

“Thinking  out of the box”  can make “Reusing” possible in almost all everyday uses !

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Photography Alexandros Makris

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