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DIY Tussles & Fringes


These fringes can be made out of paper, cloth and old clothes, napkins, cardboard, plastic bags …. anything you decide and you have available! I found some fabric scrap in me COLLECT4LIST.  Fringes can be used in ornamental compositions as either unique elements or for complementing a creation making it more original, rich and textured. Here is an easy to make and inexpensive implementation!

Let’s DIYDoIT!

x scissors
x needle and thread

x fabric scraps

Μπορείς να το διπλώσεις και να το ξαναδιπλώσεις, ώστε να δουλέυεις σε μια πολύ μικρότερη απόσταση, αντί να το απλώσεις καινα έχεις μια μακριά λωρίδα ύφασμα που θα πρέπει να κόψεις


Αν έχεις καλό ωαλίδι υφάσματος, τότε μπορείς να ξαναδιπλώσεις ώστε να με λιγότερες κοπές, να κόψεις πολλές στρώσεις από ύφασμα με τη μία






Take a short piece of cloth (about 8 cm)  put it in the beginning from the fringe strip you made and fold it like a loop. This is a loop you can use to hang or attach the from somewhere you want. You can loop from there a string, wire, ribbon and then hang it.





Trim away bits if you wish to have a smooth ending


Would you like to DIY some flowers in a very similar way? If you do, here is the link 🙂

Α DIY for Blooming!

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