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DIY Woolen Bag


Bags may be one of the most favorite accessories. When it comes to making a bag a lot of things play a role, in order for one to becoming your beloved one 🙂 The size of the bag is one of them and it definitely has to do with your needs regarding the occasion you want to use for, while its color and decorative features are definitely something that you decide on according to your wardrobe needs in terms of colours and textures. Gray is always a good choice for winter accessories. It is neutral and matches many choices. Bi-colors in handles, snaps and fastenings could bind your choices a little, but it really depends on the style you want to give it and how you like to combine your clothes and accessories. If you like for example  “mix & match” and a bit of adventure, then surely choosing gray as a base is a good call as no matter what else you decide to bring on, it is really extremely hard to look too much!

I chose dark brown leather handles. Gray combined with brown is an easy going proposition and at the same time, as they both are mild and neutral shades, they blend harmoniously. I have used a gray, plain felt, very contemporary looking one, I bought from Padua and chocolate leather-crafted handles I bought from Milan.  I loved combining opposing forces, the minimal and the handcrafted one :-).

For this DIY you will need 45 minutes and the following:


x Pair of scissors

x Pins

x Sewing machine or a needle and thread

x A bag you like, in order to use it as a “pilot” for measurements i.e. handles, size, etc.


x Felt – synthetic or woolen

x A strap/cord/belt that can be used for the handles

Let’s DIY do it!

After deciding on the size of your bag, just fold it to resemble the final look and size you wish to achieve!

Pinch some pins on the sides to stabilize the material in this phase of creation …

It’s time for the “pilot”! I got a bag that I like its handles in terms of their length, but also their “opening” and based on these measurements I went on with my creation by copying these measurements!

Here we are! This is how my handles will look like on my bag!

And I cut 2 of them, as I need 2 handles!

Now find the middle of your bag’s opening so that you can place your handles easily. Finding the middle in vectors and distances is an excellent solution that helps you achieve accurate results without much measuring and effort!

And now place the handles on both sides!

Use some pins to place them firmly in the desired positions!

Let’s stitch the handles in the machine or by hand-stitching! Whatever is more  convenient for you!

For a better and more stable result, try to stitch an “X”. This way it the weight is spread evenly and your construction is stronger!

Put a few pins on the sides and go for the final assembly!

Side seams are ready! The bag is closed!

A detail I love and it’s very easy to do is make a squared bottom in bags. Grasp the inner corners, as if creating an isosceles triangle. About 6-8 cm.

That is how it looks like! Like a triangle cheese pie or a samosa 🙂

Stitch it now!

The triangle is ready! This little detail makes all the difference!

Turn your bag inside out and look how beautiful the result is!

The first DIY of the year is ready! I hope you carry inside useful items and your wallet is mostly full!

Besides, the real treasures you always carry inside and not in a bag 😉

Happy travels my friend!

Photography Alexandros Makris

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