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DIY Your Tablemat Into a Clutch!


It is time for reuse! It might sound crazy but you can actually make an extraordinary clutch bag made out of your tablemat and a belt! Tablemats come in various materials and designs, while they usually have a standard measurement! No matter if they are made out of plastic, knitted yarns, natural fibers, a variety of fabrics & papers,  they all have a perfect size, in order to be folded in 3 parts and get transformed easily into this great a great clutch! In your new bag, you can fit in easily your handset, your keys, handkerchiefs, smoking gear, makeup gear, a notebook, a pencil or a pen . . . you name it! You can use it as a bag, as a case, as a wallet, as a traveling bag … it’s so simple and easy to make that after your first DIY, I think many creations will follow!

Depending on the material of your tablemat you could amend its characteristics by painting it, embroidering it, making a stencil (check out how to make handmade prints HERE) and then to go and choose the belt and any other raw materials you wish to add, combining them all together, creating your style! On the design approach, you may find helpful to read  WAKEUPCUT.COM article Make it to Suit Your Needs, while to choose and combine your colors, you can take a look at useful tools for your decision making, at WAKEUPCUT.COM article When It Comes to Choosing Colours!

Open your cabinets, your drawers, visit your lists (COLLECT4LIST as well as THINK4REUSE), find forgotten tablemats and belts and go and make it! It really worth’s  it and you only need 15 minutes of your time to make it!

Let’s DIY Do it!

Time to upcycle your treasures!

a pair of scissors
hole puncher
x silicone gun and spares or some other strong glue. You could also use  needle and thread if you prefer and hand stitch it (while you can even get it done on your machine)

Raw Materials
x tablemat
a belt/waistband (or even a ribbon that you’ll just tie around your clutch)

And we are ready! Your tablemat is now your bag 🙂

I take my strawberry clutch and off I go for a juicy and sweet September Welcome!

Happy New Year Kids . . . don’t just consume, CREATE 🙂 

Photography Alexandros Makris

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