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4.Feng Shui Tips: “take-offs and landings” ( part 1)


I hold a grudge against social media marketing, click-baits and all that jazz1. Not that I dig posters or TV ads, of course not. Advertising is nothing but a keen use of senses stimuli to keep my attention away from my life and focus it on something else, which happens to be for sale. So I actively avoid it. Lately, an uncanny good advertisment rose above the dull, endless stream of Internet nonsense I face everyday2 and drew my attention on what we, humans, have in common.

Artist Alexandros Vasmoulakis #vasmou, street artwork@Psirri area -downtown Athens

“We share the same biology” says a famous song by a now-more-than-middle-age singer with a six-pack3, so no wonder that – despite individual preferences – we all have similar needs: food, water, love, attention, belonging and safety. Safety is a must, and definitely most needed when we least think of it, for our homes are just a more or less advanced technological answer to our need for shelter. So, my friend:

Let us speak of your bedroom, shall we? We could not be more “in” than we are now. If the facade is, duh, “your facade”, the bedroom is the core of your home and your self. So, bear in mind that going there means a lot for you and for anyone else you let in. How many items do you keep in your bedroom? Is it a multi-purpose room? Where is the bed? Do you sleep alone or with other people? Can you see the door? Do you keep the telephone in your bedroom ? Computer or TV? Do you undress in your bedroom? Do you suffer from insomnia? How do you feel when you get up? Do you dream a lot? In other words, how do you sleep?

Why? Back in the good ol’ savannah days, our ancestors felt very deeply the need for safety and seeked shelter in caves and on treetops to avoid predators and enemies of all sorts, for a sleeping man is an easy pray. And we forget how important sleep is. 8 hours of sleep per night mean 25 years of sleep in a lifetime, if you line up your nights one after another. Take care of your bedroom and sleep quality, and your life will improve tremendously. How? “Hold on, I’m coming”.



1If you want to know more CLICK HERE
2No, I will not tell you what it is. Waste your own time
3“Russians” by Sting, “The Dream of the Blue Turtles”, A&M Records, 1985




By Giulio Giandoso
Don Julio de LaPlaya

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Photography Eleni Kokkorou


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