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Free Bag Renewal!


What is renewal?

Etymology —-> renewal. Comes from the ancient Greek word ανανέωσις

1. The reincarnation, the new vitality
2. Extension of validity, of a life cycle
3. Confirmation of a past promise
4. Replacement of the old with a something new, fresh and crisp
5. Providing dewiness and freshness to something

From 1 to 5, I want them all! New life cycles, freshness, re-confirmation, dewiness … We all need renewal every now and then! To feel renewal internally can often be a process that starts from renewing our surroundings. Starting from tangible things maybe helps us to incite, to spark an internal renewal more easily!

Freshness is a process that definitely gives us joy, creates satisfaction within and brings us smiles, insideOut!

Open your closets, your drawers and find things you can renew either by repairing them or by processing them in any way! Give freshness with a new color, a new strap in a bag, a scissors’ cut in an old top, a stencil-print on a denim jacket, the candles on your table, the old cloth on your chair. Everything can become your mean for starting some renewal and as appetite comes with eating; the more one has, the more one would have.

Choose mindfully what it will be!

Here I got an envelope bag that a dear friend and artist, Eliana gifted me many years ago. It’s a bag she made from old packaging and I just love it! Today, it’s time has come again! I am renewing it by adding mindfully some Relaxed Bohemian Magic …Fringes it is and it is all Free! I did not spend a single penny!

An easy, cost-free DIY on upcyclingONLY with cuts and knots!


x pair of scissors
x hole puncher
x ruler
x marker
x hair pin / safety pin


x a t-shirt (as I said “I am not spending a single penny” as I am making the fringes from the T!)

Let’s DIY doIt!

I mark a straight line with the ruler to have it as a guiding line for my holes – this where I will place the fringes

I make marks on my guiding line every 2 cm, for the exact placement of my holes. You can choose the distance you like for your fringes and make it smaller or greater. Make a test maybe on an alternative surface and then decide how you like your tussles to show …



After making all the hole, I am making now a string, in order to use it for making my fringes /tussles. You can use any similar material you like, such as strings, threads, cords, colourful scraps … whatever you like …

I am pulling my cord, so that it gets longer and it curls on the edges

I am using a hair pin to “loop” my cord through my holes


I pulling out the hair-pin and looping in the two ends of my fringe

My final pull and stretch, in order to “lock” my fringes

My bag is almost ready. You can also take your pair of scissors at this stage and cut the fringes according to your taste 🙂


Bag Renewal succeeded! I feel satisfied! Smile is achieved…insideOut 🙂


Photography Giorgos Anastoulis

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