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From pallets to a palace…

Wooden pallets. Although their primary reason for use in the world is to provide a load base (for various burdens and purposes) especially during the stacking, storage and transportation process, you can actually use pallets in simple ways for forming a basis for daily, imaginative and practical projects!

In short, palettes can turn your house into a palace! In what ways? In the ways that WakeUpCut likes: reuse, economy, creativity and style!

Indicatively, the pallets are divided into heavy weight (usually 100 × 120 cm.) and into light weight (80 × 120 cm.). There are larger formats also to be found around (100 × 130 cm. Or 114 × 114 cm). Choose your raw pallets according to the use of your construction. For example, if you want to make a bed, it would be preferable to have the heavy type to work with, for obvious reasons, as they have larger dimensions and more rugged wood and tie! Alternatively, the so called European Pallets (Euro Pallet) are also a good and strong solution. These pallets are used primarily in Europe and they have dimensions 80×120 m and height 14.5m. There are many variations in sizes and most of them (depend on the supplier) and they can be found in the market-new or used, at zero or  low cost.

Let’s start with a simple idea and construction. For example, if you need a coffee table in a unique style and size, with color tints that reveal all wooden textures or in natural casts, a table for clever use of space (e.g. solutions for pouches, magazines or books) on a fixed base or on flexible wheels … then, you are in the right place!



Lightweight pallets, with a fixed base and much storage space.



With a glass or a single piece of wood you can  create a more distinctive look for your lounge table.



In the same logic as above, but with larger boards nailed on each other and with wheels added on the bottom, you can enjoy a trolley table. Click on the DIY video below for a step-by-step tuturial!

Extra tip: A great technique for vintage painting and aged wood effect for a table that looks like a decaying hull of a ship!



After presenting how simple, economical and easy it is to create a beautiful piece of furniture with just a few tools and materials, I will take you to another, more complete proposal!  A sofa for your living room! Some people like to have it on the balcony or in the garden, and there are few who are accommodating the sofa in the interior of the house. Get a matress and some pillows to conclude your DIY sofa!



For the back of your sofa try to either attach it onto the wall or just take the back of the sofa and nail it/ screw it at your base, creating more  stability  and comfort.


Pallets are a good choice for outdoors. The style favors experimentation in color and in shape and they could be ideal for a more relaxed touch to a garden, a courtyard or a terrace!




In the same logic, DIYing pallets can continue in the bedroom! In this case, apart from the size of the bed depending on your preferences, you need to decide on the whole design! Thinking of various features both ergonomically and in terms of styling. For headboards keep on reading because I have a good tip for you coming up. and whether it has headboard or not in this category is proposed and an additional tip will see hereinafter.

Here we see the base, which can be now take any style, colour and look you want!



Remember to ask your supplier if the wood has been dewormed and if not, then you would need to coat it your self for protection. ORegarding the stability of the bed and of any other pallets, it is important that the pallets are well secured to each other



Depending on how many pallets you are using, you may find new spaces being formed with  your creation! Have a look below for a useful idea on more space solutions. 



And now here is an extra tip that could “take off” your bedroom. Most of us are looking for creating a certain lighting mood in our bedroom, which relaxes us and/or sharpens our imagination. A great bland and warm lighting solutions could be to  exploit the gaps between the timbers of your brand new single bed turning it into an internally floodlit platform. And here it is in daylight…



The interior lighting can be made with led lights strips or lice (you will find in the box with all the  Christmas stuff on the loft,  warehouse or the garage!)



Additionally, if your bed is composed of more than one row of palettes, placing a black cloth or cardboard piece in between the “floors” of the palette-construction, you can actually separate lighting areas and create different color conditions for a more pop or psychedelic impact!




Ok…enough of relaxation with all the couches and beds above…it’s time to get up to … move to the work area and sit down to get to work! Study, reading, writing or even WakeUpCut (!)  exploration, all need appropriate furniture. A desk of pallets would be ideal!  



Stamps and graphics such as EPAL and EUR are not an artistic intervention of the owner but the  trademark I have mentioned at the beginning of this article.


Here’s an office and a desk in  … a more serious tone and cleaner style



And a wall / foldable solution for a desk for smaller spaces. It is attached by steel wire and it can be also made with any stable rope or chain.



And after wandering in all the spaces from the living room, the bedroom and an office, I got hungry and thirsty, so let me grab a few pallet ideas from the kitchen!  



Use of a beautiful vintage style chain and a vintage patina on the wood


Shelves out of pallets could really serve all  purposes in the space



And because every  kitchen needs its spices… think of more ideas for small gardens, which can accommodate many precious colors and flavors!



Think how useful and beautiful this narrow structure could be for a small terrace / balcony! For spices, herbs or just for your flowers!



It can also be used as an alive partition item at the garden or your patio. A screen like this will definitely not block any view and it will be harmonious with the rest of the environment.




Finally, our beloved four-legged friends … With just a pallet and a comfy pillow they can get the most beautiful and original bed!


See how you can make your dog or your cat … 

a Sleeping Beauty!


Below is a general video useful DIY video on ideas about reusing palette! Have a good construction cheer 🙂

More ideas on DIYing pallets here!

Click on the photo below and read more on ideas where to find pallets free or at low cost, how to recycle them and how you could make money as a scrap pallet collector


wooden pallets

Work on progress

An amazing sculpture of the giant squid monster, the Kraken. With wooden pallets, nails and screws.