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My inspiration for what I ended up describing as WAKEUPCUT creations started from my need to create form and shape, instantly. I did not want to depend on tools and means, I just wanted to experiment, play and be as sustainable as I can.

I took my pair of scissors and I started experimenting with folds revealing light and shadow, color and shape… and cut by cut, knot by knot WAKEUPCUT technique was created.  My only tool, a pair of scissors! No devices, no machines or extra tools! My Muse was calling me for “less is more” and “more is less”! My Muse was whispering that no cut, no knot can be the same! Therefrom, 100% handmade, WAKEUPCUT technique was born!

A flow from my heart straight to my hand with such an apparent influence by the beauty and the aesthetics of the Ancient Greeks, where deep folds reveal an insuperable endless beauty!


Send us an email at if you wish to learn the technique or to wear the collection.

Photography Simone Bertossi