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How To Make Your Own Rug!


Hi, crafter 🙂 You ever imagined that you can actually make a carpet all by yourself? It may have gone through your mind, but you might think it will be a difficult project, a time-consuming process that requires a lot of expensive materials and craftsmanship as well as endless hours. I have good news though! By taking a single piece of material, your glue gun and some precious time, you can easily make a lovely summer carpet for your home, kitchen, office, cottage or veranda!

For all of you who know us at, you know that we get happy making everything … almost out of everything, while we are inspired by all the R’s of recycling – # re-think #reuse #repair #recycle # reduce # refuse – which lead to a sustainable behavior for everyone on our planet! So, THINK4REUSE, COLLECT4LIST and let’s think out of the box!

Let’s create together!

An original idea for you or a special gift (GIFT4MORE) or even a handicraft technique for you who want to do something for a commercial purpose, for example, in your on-line or traditional store. Whatever the case … it’s worth seeing this DIY in Upcycle!

For a carpet with about 1 meter diameter, you will need about 4 hours of time and to prepare the following:

x pair of scissors
x marker
x glue gun

x cord / rope (any rope will do, just keep in mind that the softer it is, the more easy the process of making it, is!)

x a fabric / a liner to form the cover-base of the carpet

TIP: You can get rope by purchasing it per meter, or per kilo. I have used about 60 meters of rope to make a spiral carpet of 1 meter diameter!

Let’s DIYDoit!

The first step is to secure one side of the rope! Cut and make it nice and knit by using your glue gun!




Great! Now prepare a surface to work on. Depending on the size of the carpet to be made,  your workspace should be comfortable. You can also use a tarpaulin or any protector to work your carpet there. The whole process is based on putting silicone and then glueing the rope, creating a spiral. Start to “rotate” your rope! This starting point will become the center of your carpet!


Press the spiral you just created on your workspace so that it is tight and flat!

Continue to put glue and “rotate” the rope!

TIP: Try silicone to put it sideways so it does not look up or down on your carpet!



It starts taking shape!



Do not worry about the glue residues that are created, you can remove them afterwards!








Great! We are ready to “lock” the carpet!





Remove the excess glue “tresses”! You can do it with a tweezer and then use a hard brush!



At points where the glue persists, you can go to more “heavy” tools and take your cutting knife to remove even the most persistent glues!

Now take a cloth or even a tarpaulin, a swallow, in order to make a bottom for your carpet!

Put your mark on the cloth and mark the diameter of your carpet!


Cut now!


And the bottom / base of your carpet is ready to be applied on!

Now put glue on the outer, half circle –  half – 180 degrees – and place on your cloth!







Half of the circle perimeter is glued on!

Cut any excess on the other side!


Make a cross with glue, which passes from the center!



Glue the rest of the outer cirle (perimeter)!

Apply the cloth on and you are ready to enjoy your new carpet!!!

Mine gone on the terrace 🙂

Photography Alexandros Makris

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