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Make your own cord!

Maybe you never imagined that you can actually make your own durable cord, your own string. From what? From  old jersey tops, like t-shirts. Collect tees you are not wearing anymore and start being rough to them;-) ΤΗΙΝΚ4REUSE,  visit your COLLECT4LIST and go for it!


The ideal tops you can use for this method of reusing materials are the ones without seams on the sides.

For this DIY you will need basically ONLY a pair of scissors and your hands


x pair of scissors


x a t-shirt

Let’s DIY do it!!

Cords and strings can be useful for various purposes, from hand-knitting and macrame, to knotting and securing things around the house or outdoors, to decorations and many other purposes. This particular string due to its elasticity and its cotton fiber content, it will be strong and durable. Tie anything with it and feel secure!

Click on the photos below and learn how to make a holder for your refillable-bottle!

Good luck, xxx