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Odds & Sods

Chose mindfully amongst your ODDS & SODS 

I usually prefer a simple candle to go to the church on Holy Saturday for the local Easter Vigil. I was always going creative though with Easter candles… for my goddaughter, for friends and sometimes even for myself. All small items, the odds and sods we keep at home, at the car, the workplace can be tied to our candles.  From a fork that you have in your drawer to a colour pencil, you no longer use, a Lilium (Easter lily) you dried, or just a cork from the bottle of wine you opened last weekend. All 4 I have mentioned could be more than just items. For example, the fork is a way of satisfying your hunger or needs. What you put on your fork is often an act of choosing… The colour pencil, on the other hand, symbolises a more colourful mood thirsty for creation. The Ester Lily symbolises Ressurection itself, and the cork can mean both good times and drunk times, or it can simply be used as a symbol for never sinkingNo matter what … the cork always floats 🙂

It all depends on you! What is it that you would like on your candle, what is it that would make you smile, laugh or maybe even cry … if that is what you feel …

It all can be customized on your candle. The simplest and easiest way is to tie things around your candle.

You can always use additional materials as well, such as adhesives, needle & threads, wire etc. However, for this DIY, you will be in need of fewer materials and tools. I found an old vintage Playmobil Figure, Grandpa, Geobra – dated 1990, in my COLLECT4LIST inventory and thought it as a candle addition. Who knows … maybe I am searching for wisdom and specifically in a male, mature figure … Should I get worried?! lol

In any case, let’s carry on with the DIY, and yes … I am observing at the same time that out of all the things I had in my COLLECT4LIST, I have chosen the vintage Grandpa, lol 🙂

The observation of very simple things often really worth’s our time … Paying attention to our movements, even the smallest ones, no matter how insignificant they may appear to be sometimes, can really benefit our mind’s ease and we may derive in personal conclusions simply through such observations 🙂

As soon as you are ready with your item and you also find out what mean you are using to secure it on the candle, then the implementation, takes no time .. less than five minutes literally 🙂

Let’s DIY DoIt step by step !


x pair of scissors


x candle – I chose a white candle so that the overall impression is brighter
x Playmobil
x navy ribbon – I chose navy so that it is in close harmony with Grandpa’s dominant blue colour of his vest







I have discovered also a piece of this embroidered rose ribbon in my box and thought to add some nostalgic romance . . . I am not sure which one I am taking to the church with me . . . lol

Happy Easter to all <3


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