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Painting Wood

PAINTING WOOD | Painting with Domna Delliou

Color and drawing are definitely not just for canvases and for paintings. You can apply paint on everything around you, while drawing can be imprinted through very different forms, textures, colours, and perceptions for everyone. It can be replicative art, which mimics real forms and shapes, landscapes and objects, still life , beings of your imagination, abstract shapes and patterns, repetitive shapes, motifs, letters … Whatever inspires you and at the same time, you feel beautiful to implement!

For any surface you wish to paint on, there is a specific route usually to achieve your goal. For wooden surfaces, you should organize the preparation of the surface (to sand it, clean it, etc.), the type of paint and the application technique depending on the painting medium, i.e. whether you paint with a brush, a roller, your hands, a spray etc.

For example, if you want to change the color from a wooden furniture, you may need to do the following:

1.remove its original colour (rubbing it with sandpaper or using a heated sanding gun and a spatula)
2.fill its pores with stucco if necessity
3.sand it to make it sharp and smooth
4.treat it with an external coat, if you wish to keep it natural, in order to protect it and give it its final wooden texture a primer if you wish to paint it to help colour to adhere much better than if it was used alone and then to actually apply the colour!

There are a few little tricks on this route that you can do to make your work more efficient and easier. For example, solid wood, which is usually the old furniture we own, as opposed to ephemeral furniture (usually MDF) that we find around us at fairly affordable prices today, can be drenched with water and then when it’s dried and you sand it, the sandpaper feels like a razor, that makes the wooden surfaces extremely smooth only in a few passes.

Whatever the case, there are two main categories of wood colors:

1.acrylic paints
2.synthetic resin paints

In acrylics, they are water-soluble and for this reason, they do not smell at all and they are considered to be safe. In the rest, there are various solvents and substances, which evaporate during painting and afterward, and they are accompanied by unpleasant fumes. Certainly, “chemistry” makes the job easier, with fewer layers of colour, great coverage, etc., but it is worth looking for friendlier and healthier colors.

In all colors you can find a variety of finishes, which results to the final wood texture. The most popular are gloss, matte and satin varnishes. The choice is yours, depending on the result you are aiming for. Usually matte and satin is a bit more expensive because they contain extra essence to prevent them from being glossy. The glossy ones, on the other hand, get easily scratches. There are also natural products used for treating and kind of “feeding” natural wood. Soap and oil are very often used to give a rich, satin, vintage look on wood.

The Painter Domna Delliou welcomes us to her workshop and her lovely courtyard, while she is painting her wooden furniture. The world of her painting, recognizable and comprehensible, creates its own idiom deriving both from folk and Byzantine art, as well as from fantastic personal space references. She often draws on wood with watercolor pencils, simple pencils, silver and gold leaves.

Here she has picked up her acrylic matte colors and one of her flat nose brushes and she draws! Then she finishes off her woods with a matte varnish.

I will not say much about Domna Delliou … Let’s hear Domna’s story on her own through the lens of her good friend, Giorgos Anastoulis

Domna Delliou

Domna Delliou from Giorgos Anastoulis on Vimeo.

And Phanis, Domna’s  cat who enjoys the terrace with us <3

Domna Delliou, after 3 years of uninterrupted creation, she returned to Thessaloniki to present a large individual exhibition at the 2 Concept Store Gallery.

The opening of the exhibition  was called  “Faces” and lasted until the 03rd of June 2017

Thank you Domna Delliou 🙂

Domna Delliou thank you and so long !

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis


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