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Pattern Cutting Classes made easy :-)

If you wish to experiment in making clothes, you could start with some basic pattern cutting lessons and slowly you could progress into more advanced levels. If you liked geometry at school, then you are going to love it. If you were not really into the 90 degrees’ obsession, you can still find it interesting and user friendly as you will be dealing with two dimensions now and everything could be much simpler and perceivable! Fabrics and fittings give such a kick-in inspiration as well 🙂  Explore it in the easiest possible way…learn on line at Craftsy  here  🙂

If you wish to study Garment Creation & Development there are plenty of options in the world that worth’s spending some time researching, However, if you like Greece and you wish to visit more often – like 7 weekends a year- then check out distance learning mode at Vellios School of ART.

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