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Pen & Brush Stand | Repurpose Your Trash


Hi, there crafter 🙂 For the ones who are familiar with us we love making and we are inspired by all the R’s
#re-thinκ #reuse #repair #recycle #reducε #refusewhen it comes patterns of living. . . So, we rethought of our waste and our all-time classic favorites and here you go! A multi-purpose, -multi-case item for your needed uses! It could be your stationery, makeup, screwdrivers, tools and everything else  you wish to fit in there!

It could also be a great gift (GIFT4MORE) or even a crafting technique to use for commercial purposes, for example, on your online or traditional store. Whatever the case is…it worths checking out this DIY Upcycle!


You would need to prepare your time (about 2 hours) and your tools & materials

x scissors and/or cutters
x pencil
tape measure
x plastic tray & a bowl
x gloves
x brush

x paper rolls (kitchen, toilet, fabrics, other)
bandanas or any other fabrics
x decoupage glue (below you can see how to make homemade glue with flour, water and a pinch of salt)

Let’s DIYDoit!

Start creating the heights that work best for your multi-purpose boxes. It all depends on the intended use 🙂























Here I keep some homemade glue


For this you need:

1.water 1/2 cup

2.flour 1 cup

3.salt a pinch

Blend together your ingredients in a small bowl. Pour in the flour, and add water, a bit at a time, to make a thick paste. Add a pinch of salt, and blend thoroughly. Your work is complete. You can use a brush to apply glue to your crafts.

























Use a string (maybe some fish string) to tie them all together, in order to secure further your construction


Let it dry. Under the sun usually, it takes 2 good hours





Photography Alexandros Makris


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