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Upcycled Special Gifting Bags :-)


You can always throw gifts into a bag and just offer them, but why to do it like that? When you actually give someone an imaginatively wrapped up present, it makes a huge difference and your gift looks mindfully chosen, with care and love. As the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “the biggest gift to others is always a piece of yourself”, so even if your gift is not made by you, you can still find a way to offer a piece of yourself 🙂 It is very simple to make it much more personal, adding more excitement, so take some time and explore dressing-up your gifts! For wrapping up a present or for simply adding some sparkles to the gifts under your Christmas tree for your beloved ones, here is a simple, original and waste-friendly idea that will really sum up to your festive mix!

Check out the DIY Steps!

For this DIY you will need about 5 min time and the following


x a pair of paper scissors

x a stapler

x hole puncher


x magazines/newspapers/scrap packaging/any paper waste

x ribbons/threads/any strings

xxx and  Christmas sounds to get deeper into the festive spirit! Jazz it up :-)!

Let’s DIY Do It!!!


Featured themes from The MachIne free artpress No4 | Christmas 2015

Cover photo features Circus Days in action 🙂


Photography Alexandros Makris


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