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SteamPunk Goggles | DIY

DIY GOGGLES – from easy crafting ideas to master handcrafted artworks!

Steampunk themes combine fiction, science, fantasy, terror fiction, while they use technology and aesthetics by the Victorian period and the 19th century. It could be further described by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner. Steampunk is inspired by reuse and recycle!

Goggles are an extremely charming steampunk adornment and there are loads of ideas on how to DIY them.

steampunk_googles_reuse_diy_instructables_wakeup cut_20


We start with a video from Chris, where you make them from scratch. He is a really great DIYer and a true story of the Steampunk subculture. Romantic and with patience, he takes his time, giving emphasis on all stages and detailing. . Here is the video…Chris, who loves Steampunk, makes Goggles 🙂

Thumbs Up for this simplified reuse for Goggles idea!

easy idea for a less stylish pair of Goggles follows.  It is based on reuse and no specialized skills are needed. You would need:

x a baseball

x a hem of a pair of denim

x a couple of large plastic lids

x colouring


steampunk_googles_reuse_diy_instructables_wakeup cut_1


The level of difficulty varies according to the materials and the tools you wish to use. The technique, the complexity, the time you wish to dedicate will altogether form your creation. Below, there is a Heavy Duty DIY by These Goggles are a true beauty and can last forever.

In the world of Steampunk, everything is made to last forever and to be used with respect and discipline!

steampunk_googles_reuse_diy_instructables_wakeup cut_3 - Copy

steampunk_googles_reuse_diy_instructables_wakeup cut_13

steampunk_googles_reuse_diy_instructables_wakeup cut_16

steampunk_googles_reuse_diy_instructables_wakeup cut_18

steampunk_googles_reuse_diy_instructables_wakeup cut_19


Have a look on the original presentation here:-)

You can make from chokers and hats to cars, houses, and planes…It’s your call. Have a look at our Pinterest inspirations and ideas.