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Stencil & Handmade Colouring Techniques


Hello, crafter 🙂 This is a  nice, easy and creative way for making unique things to use or to decorate with. Color on fabrics can come in many ways. You can paint with brushes, sponges, you can put fabrics in laundry bins or boiling pots, spray them, print them, etc.

This DIY is an excellent way to make a “matrix” for your own prints starting from scratch!

Stencil technique can get simpler or more complicated when put into action. Usually, it involves 3 stages. 

1. Create your drawing first on paper and work on your Islands and Bridges!

2.Print on a slide (it can be a transparent tarpaulin, a transparency from a bookstore … in general a good choice are materials that have transparency and are relatively compact, in order to have a good, solid performance)

3. Cut with your cutting knife all islands & bridges!


Let’s DIY DoIT!

An original idea for you or a special gift (GIFT4MORE) or even a handicraft technique for you who want to do something for a commercial purpose, for example, in your on-line or traditional store. Whatever the case … it’s worth seeing this DIY in Upcycle!

For a stencil work about 40 * 40 cm, you will need about 2 hours of time and to prepare the following:

x marker / pencil
x cutting knife
x paper (newspaper, A4 sheets)
x  mood pictures
x cutting surface
x gloves

x slides
x paper tape

TIP1: For the slides you can even use clear, thick plastic bags, or plastic covers.
TIP2: Usually we meet 2 colour categories: 1.acrylic paints 2.synthetic resin paints

Acrylics are water soluble and for this reason, they do not smell at all and they are considered to be safe. In the rest, there are various solvents and substances, which evaporate during painting and afterwards, and they are accompanied by unpleasant fumes. Certainly, “chemistry” makes the job easier, with fewer layers of colour, great coverage, etc., but it is worth looking for friendlier and healthier colors.

In all colors you can find a variety of finishes, which result to the final texture.

Let’s DIYDoit!

Take newspapers or stick a few A4 sheets together  with a paper tape. This is the stage, in which we are preparing the sheets for our intended design.

Get a theme picture, in order to refer to your design visually and start recreating it! Select it and go for it!

A good TIP is to start for the middle. Drawing a line and then arranging the details around that line, makes the work much easier to control on terms of sizes and proportions.

Ok…slowly you will start having progress.


Paper tape to secure it, and with a marker, mark the outline!

When everything is clear, just go for it!

My tropical theme is ready!

A spray glue is a great idea for securing the slide-stencil on the fabric for achieving greater results!


Protect the sorroundings, so that colour does not escapes!

Get your colour and go for it!

You can mix techniques and make your work more artistic and interesting! I went for water markers for fabric and a beautiful Orchidaceae.

Slowly building my flower!

Your bag will be colourful and unique! Enjoy it, xxx

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