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Sustainable Shopping Bag


Given the fact that the use of disposable plastic has become a major problem for our planet, more and more of us use alternative solutions, which can be reused, refilled, in order to avoid the single-use of plastic solutions. One of these solutions are tote bags for the everyday shopping instead of single-use plastic bags. This may seem a small step, however, it is really important for a less trash around us global effort.

Below is a step by step presentation follows on how to make a bag using bracelets as handles. You can make it with any fabric you want, as long as it is durable.

Let’s DIY DoIt!

TIP: The blue bag is used as a pattern base.


The pattern piece is ready!

Creating personal objects for your self or for others can be such a fullfilling process that generates big smiles insideOut 🙂

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis

More DIY topics on objects and reuse follow below 🙂

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wakeupcut_recycle_bag_handmade_poppy_anastouli_hold it

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Take good care of yourselves and precious others!

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis & Alexandros Makris

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