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The Superb Upcycled DIY Bag!


Perhaps you are a bit sceptical about DIY doing and about making things yourself. Perhaps, like many, you get scared by the idea of making things, although you have every intention… at least on a mental level! If you are expecting me to try and tell you that everybody can do it, that you need patience and vision, that you just need the right tools and materials, in order to craft your own gear, then I must disappoint you!  If that was the case, then you would already have been crafting your own things. However, by the time you will finish reading this DIY topic you will discover yourself that in this case, you just need an old scarf, 4 knots, 5 minutes of time and the wish to have fun! You might find this difficult to believe but with an old scarf, you can make the easiest and most practical upcycled DIY bag you have ever seen!

After making your bag you can use it yourself or just gift away that old silk scarf of yours to a beloved one! Whatever the case is, this is a beautiful bag and untying the knots can always bring you back your scarf!

Visit your inventory list (COLLECT4LIST, THINK4REUSE), find those forgotten treasures and start your recycling of materials! It worth’s it!

Let’s DIY do it!

just your precious hands

x an old scarf or table-cloth or any other square piece of fabric
x 4 rivets (the diameter depends on the thickness of your scarf. For my classic, silk scarf I have used rivets with 1.2 centimetres diameter)
x 2 bracelets

Now, loop every two ends in a single bracelet. Every end should be knotted separately on the bracelets. This means 2 loose ends get in the bracelet and each one of them is tied separately with a double knot on the bracelets. These 4 knots will conclude your creation!

The single knot

Loop the knots in the rivets you have there. If it is tough to push through, use a toothpick

After you push all 4 ends in the rivets you are ready and your bag is secured. For extra support, you can always throw a few stitches on the ends, but honestly…it is not necessary. Your bag is ready!

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Take good care of yourselves and precious others!

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis & Alexandros Makris

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