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The photoshoot took place on the island of the North Aegean Sea, Thassos. Every corner you meet on Thassos Island is a remnant of the ancient past. The island is also known as the “Emerald Island” because of its rich vegetation and its lush forest. Since ancient times the island was known for its power and influence throughout the known world of that time. The Athenians, the Spartans, the Persians and the Romans had recognized Thassos as the “Athens of the North”. Extremely rich in minerals and natural resources, it’s strategically located on the main commercial root that links east and central Greece and thus the island has always been a target for invaders, who were trying to conquer it at the earliest opportunity.

The heart of the ancient city of Thassos and Ancient Agora was discovered by the French archaeological school during excavations between 1948 and 1955. Its history started with works initiated in the 4th century BC, but it took almost two centuries to complete the construction, finished in the 2nd century BC.

Thassos is really worth a visit, for its fascinating, almost still alive history! The Acropolis, the Temple of Hercules, the Temples of the Gods Dionysus, Poseidon and Artemis and certainly the amazingly rich archaeological museum in the town of Thassos, will win your heart and seduce your mind!

Photography Simone Bertossi