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Creations with deep folds revealing through their texture, light and shadow, color and shape. No machine or electrical equipment is used for their assembly as they are purely handmade. The WAKEUPCUT technique is inspired by the vision for self-sufficiency & self-expression! It respects the need for sustainability, and the radical need, for all of us, to express ourselves differently. No cut, no knot is the same as another! Everything is custom-made!

WAKEUPCUT creations travel to the Holy Island of the “Great Gods” and antiquity, Samothrace. Mount Moon or Saos, known as the “Holy Mountain” is 1611 mt high and unique in beauty, surrounded by lush forests, grassland, screes, cliffs and wonderful rivers.

The Kaveiria Mysteries, which were rival mysteries for the Eleusinian Mysteries, were held on Samothrace Island. In the Kaveiria anyone regardless class, power, ancestry or ethnicity was accepted to participate! It was all about total inclusion! Kaveiroi, was the name of the Great Gods associated with fire, volcanoes, the fertility of land and they were the patrons for sailors and castaways. Here Homer in Iliad imagined the God of the Sea, Poseidon, to be watching the Trojan War («επ’ ακροτάτης κορυφής Σάμου υληέσσης Θρηϊκής – from the highest peak of wooded Samothrace»). The religion of the “Great Gods”, included special hosts; the “Mystics” and the “Supervisors”, who in absolute secrecy were bringing the participants in contact with the Gods, seeking for developing a sense of moral resurrection and inner purification (κάθαρσις-catharsis). The famous statue of the Victory of Samothrace (190 BC) was found near the marvelous Sanctuary of Kaveires by the French consul Charles Champoiseau, who actually stole it and illegally brought it to France. Unfortunately, it’s still there, at the Louvre museum. Back then Samothrace was still under Ottoman occupation, so it was easy for Charles Champoiseau and other ingenious Cowboys to steal many ancient findings, which ended up in private collections.

Luckily Samothrace was so rich in ancient history that there are still many ancient treasures left on the island and they are surrounded by a unique, wild natural landscape: with its waterfalls, thermal hot springs, rivers, dense forests of plane trees, chestnut trees, shrubs, cedars, oaks and the extraordinary ‘maquis’, Samothrace is described as the jewel jungle of the Mediterranean nature and the Aegean sea!

WAKEUPCUT polymorphic creations are shot in the most nomadic and perhaps the most primitive forest in the Aegean, where the ancient roots of the huge ‘maquis’ embrace us and almost convince us… that the Great Gods . . . are still now . . . here . . . 

Photography Simone Bertossi

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