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There are various Pliers used in arts and crafts, that could be described in four main types: Flat Nose pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers & Bent chain nose pliers. Each plier has its unique usage in crafting and sculpting. Flat Nose Pliers are broad with a flat jaw and they are used for gripping & holding wires, creating angular bends, opening and closing jump rings.
Round Nose Pliers are smooth and they have round jaws and they are used for making loops and bends in wire. Chain Nose Plies are smooth and have flat and pointed nose. They are used for gripping, tucking wire ends & getting into tight places. Bent Chain Nose Pliers are smooth and have a nose bent at either 45 degree or 90 degree. These tools are used for getting into tight places, picking up small parts, opening and closing rings. Of course there always the Household Pliers, which usually come with one built in wire cutter and a shear-cutter in side of the pliers, used more in heavier wires. Furthermore, there are the Rosary Pliers, which are used to create loops and bends.