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metallic_crafting_wires_wakeup cut

A wire is a thin, flexible thread of metal, sometimes covered with plastic, rubber, etc., and primarly it is used to send or receive electricity or electrical signals. In crafts there are various metals used, that usualy are not covered. Craft wire is such a versatile material for all forms of jewellery making and crafting projects. From wire crochet and knitting with the 0.2mm size to stone wrapping with the larger 0.8mm wire. Craft wires can be made from various metals, and it’s important to remember that not all metals behave the same way – some are much softer than others and therefore will not hold up for certain applications. For Jewerly metals we meet precious metals like gold and silver to inexpensive base metals and plated options – such as bress, coper, aluminium, stainless steel, memory wire, craft wire and artistic wire and many can be found in a rich range of colours and finishings. In order to craft with metal we may also use the following tools: Pliers (Flat, Round, Chain, bent Chain Nose Pliers), Household Pliers, Cutters, Hammers.

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