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A sketchbook, is a working pad with blank pages which is used by various designers, artists, crafters, painters in order to sketch and to keep a record of their initial ideas and inspirations. Although we can meet beautifully painted and crafted sketchbooks, the purpose of the sketchbook, is to become our bank of thoughts. It can be as rough as we want, full of notes, sketches, swatches, samples of things that trigger a spark in our head regarding our projects, our fantasy, our art, our science.

When selecting a sketchbook, a lot of people think first of it’s size. They aim for a size that can really be their best friend and it would be easy to carry it. They want to record a good idea, no matter where it derives. Furthermore, they choose the thickness of it’s pages according to the mean they are usually using, when noting down or sketching. Ticker paper for example if they sketch with markers, than if they were sketching with pencils.

In the academic environment of studying arts and design, sketchbooks are very valuable in the learning and development process, and in many occasions they are even more important than the actual end design proposal.