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All Time Classic Accessories


Black on white is timeless. From the end of the 18th century and the time of the aristocratic Dandy look, which was always completed by a white shirt with black bow tie accessories!

Androgynous neck bows and chokers are timeless. In different lengths and designs, with shirts and simply with tops, they add value to the outfit with an alternate edgy formality.

You can just find a flat leather-looking cord about 1.50 m long and to hang on the edges decorative elements.

Here is a step-by-step presentation to implementing pom poms by using wire and pliers. For the realization, you can choose glue, needle, and thread or whatever mean suits you best.

You click  here if you wish to see how to handmake the pom poms yourself

How to customise your beannie into a timess accessory!


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Take good care of yourselves and precious others!

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis & Alexandros Makris


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