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Basic Sewing Guidelines!


If you wish to learn how to saw then start with the basics and educate yourself around the sewing culture. Start by viewing garments, accessories and how they are assembled and then find infographics to figure out how it works. How stitches in general work as a mean of securing pieces together. A good book with clear illustrations that you can download free is the “Stitch Guide” by Windflower.

There you will find step-by-step presentations where you will clearly see how to sew or embroider. If you are interested in exploring ways to sew and to hand-embroider, then it is worth downloading it f and getting in your library a good guide with useful stitching tips – download it here! 

Another useful book which demonstrates stitching and is great if you wish to explore a bit further and into basic pattern cutting techniques is by Sara May Allington and you can also download it for free.


You might find it handy to keep organised a small kit with tools that ease your sewing experience.

Suggested tools for a sewing kit

x scissors (pointy and small for finishing touches)
x fabric marker/chalk
x variety of needles in terms of length and thickness (they exist in both hand and machine stitching equipment)
x pins
x unraveling tool
x iron – iron makes sewing easier both at preparation as well as at finishing touches phase!

Sewing tips for making your life easier when learning to sew! 

Step Νο1! How to thread *-*


Take a stable, woven cloth and start practicing! Aim for straight lines at the beginning and when you feel confident start trying curves and corners. Here’s a good sewing lesson on “How to Sew Corners” *-*

Let’s start with a sewing project for beginners! Basic sewing & basic pattern making skills applied in a Tote Bag!


Another beginner’s level DIY sewing Project!Reuse a buttoned-granny style dress into comfortable pants. Ideal for exercising, chilling and yoga.

DIY cases for laptops, tablets and mobiles –Another beginner’s level DIY sewing Project!

DIYing a lunch bag 🙂

wakeupcut_recycle_bag_handmade_poppy_anastouli_hold it

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Take good care of yourselves and precious others!

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis & Alexandros Makris