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A bushcraft DIY: Millbank bag

Millbank is an area of central London in the City of Westminster. However, a Millbank bag is something completely different! It is a portable water filtration device made of tightly woven canvas intended for outdoor use.  It can be made out of any woven fabric, it is light, compact and easy to use. The bag is hanged, filled with water and due to its geometry and to gravity, filters the water. It is useful for removing sediment, organic matters and any dirt but it does not sterilise the water.

All these were revealed to me by, a true story community and the first Italian website, dedicated on bushcraft culture and on selling quality bushcraft and survival equipment worldwide!

Together with we have reused a pair of denim into a DIY Millbank bag and we have headed through the woods…

Instead of denim you can use any ather similar fabric like linen, canvas, gabardine.

It worked perfectly and our water was filtered and enjoyed through our new DIY Millbank bag and into our cups.

This is how we did it

Thank you for this inspiration, this tip for self-reliance and I am looking forward to more survival tips, DIY & bushcraft tricks :-)!

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