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Cleaning cloths from garment reuse

Old shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, towels can really become handy when it comes to house keeping. They can be useful at home, at workspaces, at offices, in cars, everywhere that you would need to wipe, to mop up, to clean in any way. They are absorbent, washable, they do the job easy and effectively, while they are personalised looking great. Using simple vinegar as a general cleaner  is also a good idea!

When you have something in your possession, which you have purchased at some point and currently you have made it “redundant” and you can not think of someone to gift it to, or an idea for reuse in any way, then cleaning clothes are a great solution! Extending the life cycle of any produced and consumed item, has a great value in the whole  chain. Have a look on Wakeupcut Food4Thought for more little thoughts’ explorations…


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