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DIY Carrier Case for Refillable Gadgets on the go!


This is a DIY that will solve the issue of carrying refillables with you. Instead of looking for the right hook to hang it or the right carrier bag for your eco gadgets you can simply go for this customised case instead. It will you save you from the trouble to open and close your bag, and your gadgets will be easily accessible t all times, hanging on your shoulder!

We took an old t-shirt in a strong yellow tint, in order to make a long string of about 15 meters,  and then with the use of scissors and hands only, we made us a bottle holder.

Remember that refilling your bottle is not just a matter of saving. It is an action of awareness for less waste, use of single use plastics and it results to a significantly more sustainable behavior.

Let’s DIY do it!


x pair of scissors


x string (learn how to make your own string here)

Scroll down to learn about your environmental footprint and to read about everyday things that can make you have fun and make a difference. Small differences together, have significant benefits for all of us on this planet.

If you do not have your own eco-friendly gadgets yet, start looking for them! You’ll like it! Find out more on eco-friendly gadgets.

… and if you come across natural sources of fresh water, which needs to be filtered form dust, soil, leafs and other materials, then check out how to make your own filter, your millbank bag 🙂

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Take care of yourself and precious others!

Photography Alexandros Makris


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