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DIY Masks | Your Alter Ego

Are you looking for DIY ideas to dress up for a party or for losing your everyday individuality and explore into a new self?

Whatever the answer is, you might be interested in a DIY mask. Instead of throwing away plastic bags you might be getting from stores… keep them. They might become handy!  Check out a simple technique on how to create a solid basis out of plastic bags with the use of an iron. You will also see how to make a good customised mask  by simply using an A4 sheet, a mirror and a pencil. You just need to work a bit on your concept ;-).

What you will need for this DIY are


x a pair of scissors

x a chalk or marker

x iron


x plastic bags (black bin bags)

x non-stick baking foil

Place a few plastic bags between two sheets of baking foil, like a sandwich. The number of the bags depends on the actual thickness of the bags you are using. You can always try to iron a few as a sample and check. If you are satisfied with the result or if you wish to add or take some out. They do not need to be the same in terms of texture, colour, thickness…All bags under the heat of the iron melt into one, becoming all solid.

Here I took several sheets (by folding my bag several times) as my bin bags were very lightweight… Heavy duty ones could work using just two sheets.

I try on my mask and mark better my cut-outs, so that I can see easily and comfortably



Photography Alexandros Makris