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DIY Multibox! A Great Storage Solution!


Now that most of us are back from vacation, it is time to bring some order! I had some thick plastic wrap leftovers after I used some of it on a part of my terrace for preventing the cold wind getting in. This remaining piece I have has the size of an A4 sheet and I thought to use it and make a case, kinda like a box, for all the little things I usually keep in my entrance. Things like house and car keys, sunglasses, torches, visit cards and other little things that I usually end up looking for.

Have a look on this simple DIY craft and think of how this could be handy for you. You can employ it for various purposes in the bathroom, in the kitchen, your office, even inside drawers and cupboards as a divider. It is an ideal solution also for trips when you have little space in your luggage. If for example, you wish to throw a workshop or a seminar somewhere in the world, just stick some material flat in your luggage and when you reach your destination just assemble your cases. They could be ideal to store your pencils and pens, little tools, beads, needles … any little treasures you may need to use and offer!  It is an instant, practical solution for having always with you an almost magical box!

A step by step presentation follows!

For this DIY you will need


x pair of scissors

x stapler. Depending on your chosen raw material you can choose alternative means of assembly i.e. thread, cord and knots, wire e.t.c..

x marker

x A4 sheet. Watch how it is made and then you can apply the logic of it on any size you want



x whichever raw material you wish, which can be neatly cut and assembled into the case

Let’s DIY do it!

Below is how the pattern piece looks like on an A4 sheet. Surely, you can make it in any size you wish and just transfer the pattern accordingly. All the dotted lines show where you need to cut

I take my A4 sheet and I fold it in half

I fold in half again

Now, I start working on the 1/4 of my A4 sheet. This way, I can achieve a symmetrical result for my construction in the easiest and less time-consuming way. To get a clearer idea exactly what I am doing, have a look at the pattern diagram below, where the 1/4 is circled in the red dotted line. That is the area I am working on!

Starting with my ruler and my marker to transferring my pattern piece measurements on the A4!

My pattern is ready and cut!

It’s time to draw around my pattern piece now, in order to transfer it on my main material

Ok, ready and cut! Don’t forget to keep your original pattern, since you can use it again and again on various materials

The assembling process starts. Take and overlap all the square pieces. Start from the left or the right side of the little triangle in the middle and overlap all the squares gently

When you reach the triangular piece place it on top and leave it there so that it stays on top

Then take all the square pieces for the other side and place them  coming from behind (like you did before but this time is like “underlapping the”)

After over and under-lapping all the square pieces from the left and the right side keeping the triangular piece on top just staple them all together

Do the same on the other side of your case

Take brooches and pins if you like and decorate further your case

My cases are ready and filled 🙂 !

Photography Alexandros Makris

An extremely simple, handy and fully customised to your needs idea!

Good luck, xxx

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