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DIY Prints on Wood


THINK4REUSE and old objects, without complicated interventions, may get new uses! Sometimes it is simply a matter of perception on things. An old cutting surface, for example, can become a platter for meze – meze is more like a culture in Greek eating behaviours and it is small dishes, hot or cold, spicy or savory that come as appetisers or as branch usually served with traditional greek wine, ouzo, tsipouro or raki. The cutting board is a flat, has a good size for offering treats, it can be carried around like a normal tray and on top of that, it is a great alternative proposal for the table.

As now, it becomes a platter and the use of the object changes and it will not be used for chopping onions and parsley anymore, I can make interventions on its surface and make it more distinctive! I have a wonderful material for photo transferring, which is a technique to transfer of images on surfaces. There are a number of brands in the trade, which carry photo transfer products but I just love Power Print. I love it because it is water-soluble and thus safe for the skin, completely odorless during the application as well as during drying, it is effective on almost all surfaces except plastic ones and it gives great possibilities for creation.

The final effect of the image transfer depends on how smooth is the wooden texture that you apply the medium. For example, on a metal surface, which is smooth, the photo will have a greater clarity than a wood, which is a rougher surface.


1.Choose your theme
2. Prepare it in a digital file that can be printed
3.Edit it and flip it over – reverse it horizontally at 180 degrees – you do this because printing is like the mirror, it reverses the images
4.Print it on a LaserJet Printer and plain paper

For my new serving tray I chose mindfull … pigeons. Symbol of peace, purity, innocence. A bird that lives between 12 and 15 years usually has a lifetime only partner, while doves are very tender of one another. They make 1 to 2 eggs 7 to 8 times a year, which are taken care of by both parents. Doves once lived in the wild, while now they slowly moved mostly in the cities. You meet their nests of dry clusters in nature on rocks, trees, shrubs, while in urban environments in building recesses, verandas, and high ceilings balconies.

Photo transfer ring Pigeons on Wood and ready to fly!

Watch the phototranfer technique step by step!

x sandpaper
x brush
x scissors
x plastic spatula
x a plastic pot
x sponge
x hairdryer


x photocopy of an Inkjet Printer
x phototransfer mean. I am using  Power Print 🙂

Let’s DIY do it!

Rub the surface with sandpaper to refresh it and remove any marks

Clean it thoroughly from dust residue after rubbing

Cut out your theme, keeping mostly your print outs

Have something to pour your phototranfer mean. I have a plastic cup for this job – I prefer plastic because as  I said Power Print does not work on plastic surfaces and thus, it can be washed out easily afterward, in order to reuse it

Start covering your surface in a horizontal direction

Spread also vertically and try not to leave gaps

Cover also the print outs both vertically and horizontally

Lift the paper carefully and slowly, in order not to damage it

Turn it over and onto to the intended surface to place it in the final position

Push in all directions

Use a plastic spatula to remove bubbles from extra material locked inside

Wipe off the surrounding, excess material

Dry with the hairdryer at a medium temperature and let it rest for 2-3 hours

Take it to the wash basin and rub it softly with a sponge. Start rubbing the paper slowly with repetitive and gentle moves

Help with some more water if needed

Slowly you wiil see the image to appear

With the edge of a fork you can remove any paper debris

Ready for roasting and meze with olives, which i have marinated in oil, vinegar, rosemary and laurel … I serve them in a scallop shell , combined with homemade raki on my new from old platter! Cheers 🙂

Photography Alexandros Makris





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