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DIY a stylish Turban!


This is a step by stel presentation demostrating how to craft a turban, without needing to sew anything!

Visit your inventory lists (COLLECT4LIST) and fild forgotten treasures that could become your raw materials for this craft!

Let’s DIYdoIt!

x ruler
x glue gun
x  marker
staple gun
a beannie hat to use it a s a gouide for your new pattern

Raw Materials
x an old scarve, handkerchief or any cloth from your inventory stock or a piece of fabric (50*50 centimeters)

Let’s start!

Just copy the outerline of the beannie hat, leaving about 4-5 centmeters allowance for the assembling process.

Burn the edges of your raw material if you are using synthetic fabric, in order to smooth the raw edges.

Attach the pieces together by using your glue gun, or simply by sewing.

Make a rectangular peace now for the center piece of the turban.

Ready and worn!

Photography  Giorgos Anastoulis &  Alexandros Makris

For more visuals and information on the turban, just scroll on my board-link below!

And if you wish to make a DIY no sew turban then here you go, a step by step presentation is here 🙂 !

Α necklace reusing name tags!  

ΆνYoga pants made from an old granny style dress! 

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Take good care of yourselves and precious others!

Photography Giorgos Anastoulis & Alexandros Makris


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