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Reuse of clothes in pouch bag and let's go!


The long tee shirts are one of the wraioteres raw materials for reuse. Easy to cut, not frayed and because of their soft texture, they are suitable for many different utilitarian upcycled ideas.

Let's go fix it!

See how!

iax sc
akx Para
manx Pencil or soap co
uture pins

ial x old T-shirt

X Bandana/Scarf

Cut about 40 million. From the bottom of the T-shirt and you'll have a parallelogram.

Measures approximately 4-5 cm. From the side and start cutting fringing every 3 cm.

Start tying the fringing together.

Open 2 holes in the bottom of your parallelogram, there in the tuft that usually have the T-shirts on their finish.

Let's go fix it now if you want a shoulder cord.

Open two holes to dry the shoulder cord.

Look at other ideas for reusing your favorite mais!

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