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Get rid of prints on your T-shirts


You may have some old T-shirts that you adore due to their jersey quality, their colour or the way they embrace your body, however, you can no longer wear them either because their prints are very old and damaged or you feel they are out of date and do not express you these days. Jerseys are extremely easy to work with, as due to their knitted origin, can be treated with a raw edge and not fray. In simpler words, they can be cut with your scissors, as if they were cut with any laser kit, and the edges can be left like that, without any stitching afterwards.

Getting rid of a stamped design on a T-shirt can be achieved in many ways. For example with a piece of fabric applied on the surface, which will cover the previous design, with a patchwork, or an embroidery or even a new print like a stencil on top of it. However, this is a clever DIY, that you simply turn your T-shirt inside out, hiding this way your unwanted print! For this DIY you are only making knots and you are recreating the shape of the classic tee into a sleeveless tee with volume on the shoulders! Bigger shoulders in tops are a good way to flatter a body that is wider at the hips, the so called pear shaped silhouettes, which we meet mainly in the Mediterranean area. Creating volume on the shoulders makes the waist and the hip line look slimmer. So, let’s create this optical illusion for your body shape and at the same time upcycle a new tee for your wardrobe!

Visit your inventory list (COLLECT4LIST, THINK4REUSE), find those forgotten tees and start your upcycling! After all, the quality of cotton jerseys in the past was much better than nowadays and it’s worth your time and effort 🙂

Always remember that to take care better of your customised T-shirts you can always put them in a pillowcase and stick them in the washing machine under 30 degrees. They will surely last longer!

Let’s DIY do it!

pair of scissors
ruler / magazine / any tools to guide you for drawing straight lines

x your old stamped T-shirt

Video by  Giorgos Anastoulis

And with the remainings of the tee I just made over,I will take care of my woods. Simply speaking, oiling wooden worktops works by filling the surface grain of the timber with natural oils and waxes, that dry and harden in the surface fibres of the timber. This acts as an effective wood preserver and sealer, helping to prevent moisture and bacteria from entering the wood grain. I am using some Linseed oil and my cotton jersey sleeves 🙂

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