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pair of scissors


Scissors are a tool to cut objects. They are a manual tool used for cutting soft flexible materials. The usual construction consists of two movable iron or steel parts, which are joined at a fixed link. At the rear ends of the two legs, there are handles for stable operation of the scissors, while the front and the inside part is shaped into sharp blades.

Probably scissors were invented around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. Scissors with crossed blades were invented by the Romans around 100 AD

A huge step in perfecting scissors was in 1761 when British Robert Chentslif (Robert Hinchliffe) has built the first modern steel scissors.

In a part of Sweden (in today’s Finland) in 1649 a workshop of shears started operating  between Helsinki and Turku, in the village of Fiskars. In 1830 the new owner undertook to construct also scissors and he launched the brand Fiskars. New methods for manufacturing scissors were introduced in 1967.

There are different kinds of scissors according to their use. Scissors are used for cutting nails, hair, fabrics, flowers,  branches, metal etc. They are a must tool for various professionals such as beauticians, hairdressers, tailors, gardeners, surgeons, crafters etc.

If you wish to purchase a pair of scissors, first you’ll need to understand what you want to do with them: cutting paper or fabric? General use or specific crafting? If you are out there for crafting scissors it means that you need something which can get down and dirty to cut through whatever a project calls for and something that can do detailed work. The more uses a pair of scissors have, the more expensive it is. In any pair of scissors, though – and also in any kind of tool – I suggest that you actually come in actual contact, like body contact with tools before you start building your toolkit. Before purchasing your scissors, for example, it would be wise to hold a few pairs first and experience its characteristics. By holding them in your hands you can assess first of all the ease of holding. It’s ideal to have a pair of scissors that feels like it’s made for your hands. If they’re comfortable to hold and easy to control, scissors become an extension of yourself and you can do everything feeling confident. The size of the scissors also plays a role in terms of how heavy and how suitable they are for your hand. You need to experiment with different blade lengths as well, in order to decide what is better for you. Then the ease of cutting comes, and you need to check how smooth and clean that cutting line is. From this experience with different pairs of scissors, you can drive to the best option for you and avoid getting a tool that tires your hand and gives you cramps!

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