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To say that plastic pollution is a widespread problem does not sum it up, neither to talk about Global Warming is.

Only 27% of plastic items is recycled to our planet. The rest are seated in landfills where they are buried at least for the next 1,000 years. The largest global dump is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It dates back to the 1950s and it looks like an iceberg of plastic rubbish while the majority of them are in the water and the bottom of the sea, causing obvious problems in our ecosystem.

One million marine birds and 100,000 marine mammals die each year from plastic pollution in our oceans.

In a study of US Disease Control Centers, nearly 93% of the people examined found positive for BPA (a potentially harmful chemical found in plastic products).

We gathered below the most common plastics that are … exactly the opposite of  what we call environmentally friendly. These could be described as  environmental devil s– lol

During summer periods, that many of us are away from home, consumption of the above can be maximized. Don’t you agree that the problem is already huge enough, so that all of us should re-think before adding our own extra weight to the pollution chain?

There are many products today to replace some of the plastic you buy. By purchasing such a product you completely eliminate the use of plastic in one of your habits and one single-use plastic is out of the picture. It’s very important when you buy any gadget, a refillable bottle, for example, to really suit your needs. The spout, its texture, its weight, its characteristics, the amount of liquid it carries… Think of your needs, evaluate what is available and then buy. Only by buying something that suits you, you can use it systematically by carrying it with you carelessly.

Clothes, drinking cups, bottles, food items (cutlery, dishes, etc.), personal items (from recycled toilet paper to recycled toothbrush), travel & camping gadgets, recycling jewelry and accessories are some of the eco-friendly gadgets around on sale.

If you do not have your own eco-friendly gadgets yet, start looking for them! You’ll like it!

Scroll down to learn about your environmental footprint and to read about everyday things that can make you have fun and make a difference. Small differences together have significant benefits for all of us on this planet.

If you want to learn to recycle properly and efficiently, read below about the small triangle we encounter on packaging material and how to decode it!

Make old clothes, cloths for cleanliness and say goodbye to useless paper towels or unnecessary consumption.

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